Rivers Police Plans Peaceful, Secure Festive Period, Deploys Crack Operatives ...Releases emergency contact numbers ...Bans covering of number plate, heavily tainted glass

Dec 23, 2023 - 11:00
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Rivers Police Plans Peaceful, Secure Festive Period, Deploys Crack Operatives ...Releases emergency contact numbers ...Bans covering of number plate, heavily tainted glass
River State CP

By Adetokunbo FAKEYE 

As we acknowledge the significance of the Christmas period, particularly in Rivers State, 

The Rivers State Police Command, under the leadership of CP Olatunji Rilwan Disu, PSC, has outlined security measures that will be implemented to ensure the safety and security of all residents and visitors during this Christmas and New Year season. 

According to the spokesperson of the Command, SP Grace Iringe-Koko, due to the Peculiar Nature of Rivers State, renowned for its diverse cultural heritage and as a hub for economic activities, experiences a significant influx of individuals during the Yuletide season and the celebratory atmosphere present distinct security challenges that necessitate a proactive and comprehensive approach.

To this end, SP Iringe-Koko said, the following measures will be implemented by the Command: "We will deploy additional law enforcement personnel to strategic locations, including major cities, transportation hubs, and popular gathering spots, to ensure a visible and reassuring police presence.

"Anti-Kidnapping and Anti-Robbery Operations: Specialized units dedicated to combating kidnapping and robbery activities will intensify their efforts through targeted operations and surveillance to pre-empt and neutralize any criminal activities.

"Road Security: Recognizing the importance of secure road networks, we will collaborate closely with other security agencies to reinforce the security of roads leading in and out of the state, ensuring safe travel for all road users.

"Ban on Fireworks: It is important to note that the ban on fireworks remains in force. Retailers are instructed to cease the sale of fireworks, and defaulters will be arrested and prosecuted. This measure is crucial to prevent accidents, injuries, and disturbance of public peace.

"Prohibition of Covered Number Plates: We sternly warn against the covering of number plates on vehicles. Defaulters will be arrested, as this practice hinders effective law enforcement and compromises public safety. It is essential to ensure that number plates are visible for identification and security purposes.

"Discouragement of Tinted Glass: We strongly discourage the use of heavily tinted glass on vehicles. This measure enhances transparency and aids law enforcement agencies in visual assessment and identification during routine checks. Compliance with regulations regarding tinted glass is of utmost importance for public safety".

Emergency Contact Numbers:
To ensure public safety, the Command urge all residents and visitors to take note of the following emergency contact numbers:
- Control Room Numbers: 08098880134, 08032003514; Complaint Response Unit Number: 08161355218. 

"Citizen Cooperation:
We earnestly appeal to the citizens of Rivers State to cooperate with our officers as we work to ensure a safe and secure environment during the festive season. We implore all motorists to slow down, wind down their windows, and turn on their interior lights when approaching police checks. We emphasize the importance of the "see something, say something" approach. If you observe any suspicious activities, please report them promptly to the authorities".

The CP, PRO stated assured all residents and visitors that the Rivers State Command is fully committed to ensuring a peaceful and secure festive period. 

"We are resolute in our determination to protect lives and property and will spare no effort in upholding the rule of law", she said.

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