In a world of corruption and spin, how can we be sure that we are receiving the news as it is? Prowling Eagles is a journalistic outlet with a mission to provide readers with uncensored, unbiased news from across the globe. With an emphasis on crime news and an unwavering commitment to telling the truth, Prowling Eagles seeks to be a beacon of integrity in a sea of misinformation. Read on to learn more about our independent online and newspaper platform and our dedication to bringing accurate reporting directly to you.

What is Prowling Eagles?

Prowling Eagles is an independent online and newspaper outfit that reports the news as it is across the globe. We will cover all beats in journalism, but we will have a bias for crime news. We are ombudsmen who are committed to telling the truth and nothing but the truth.

In order to maintain our journalistic integrity, Prowling Eagles has a strict set of guidelines that we follow when reporting the news. Firstly, we only report on stories that we believe to be true and accurate. We do not sensationalize or exaggerate stories in order to gain more readers or viewers. Secondly, we believe in giving a voice to the voiceless – which is why we have a bias for crime news. By reporting on crimes that are happening across the globe, we hope to shed light on the injustices that are taking place and bring attention to those who are suffering. Lastly, we are committed to being impartial and objective in our reporting. We do not allow our personal biases or opinions to influence our stories in any way.

We believe that by adhering to these standards, we can provide our readers with quality journalism that they can trust.

Join us in this journey towards unearthing truths, unveiling scandals, exposing cover-ups and revealing secrets as they happen across continents. 

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