Cancer: Indian Medical Expert, Mir Presents Panecia For Cure

Aug 12, 2023 - 15:40
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Cancer: Indian Medical Expert, Mir Presents Panecia For Cure
Top picture is Dr Ruquaya Mir.
By Tosin YUSUF 
Nigeria - A medical practitioner, Dr Ruquaya Mir, has recommended awareness, proper hygiene, early diagnosis and vaccination as some of the most effective ways of combating Cancer in Nigeria.
According to Dr Ruquaya Mir, a Senior Consultant and Surgical Oncology at Apollo Hospital, India, cancer, which is an incurable disease and painful medical condition can be prevented in a most cost effective way if one receives preventive vaccine early enough. 
She stated that proper hygiene is also important for women in preventing cervical cancer and then called for the proper and safe usage of sanitary pads.
"This medical campaign can be implemented throughout the States in the Country by carrying out the vaccination programme in schools for both genders" she said, adding that the programme is implementable through the right structure, infrastructure and personnel.
Dr Mir also noted that early diagnosis and detection through screening will go a long way to nip cancer in the bud, hence the need for women to go for yearly mammogram test to know the condition of their health and to avoid smoking, achoholism, late mariage and sedentry life style, which could trigger cancer. 
She also presented a paper on "Organ Conservation in Cancer" at the on going Nigerian Medical Association Conference in Abuja. 
The conference is being attended by medical personnel, policy makers and Senior government officials.

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