Ambassador Isola Grace Julius Agwu's Glamorous 50th Birthday, Amazing Comedy Show In London

Aug 30, 2023 - 10:25
Aug 30, 2023 - 10:46
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Ambassador Isola Grace Julius Agwu's Glamorous 50th Birthday, Amazing Comedy Show In London
Nigeria High Commissioner to the United Kingdom His Excellency Ambassador Sarafa Tunji Isola OFR (with microphone) leading the birthday toast on stage. )
By Adetokunbo FAKEYE 
London - The resounding echoes of laughter filled the grand halls of the Lighthouse Theatre on Camberwell Road, London, as the eagerly awaited annual comedy extravaganza, "Crack Ya Ribs with Julius d’genius Agwu" took center stage on Sunday, 27 August 2023. 

His Excellency Ambassador Sarafa Tunji Isola OFR (2nd from left), his wife and two other guests at the event. 
This year’s event bore a particularly momentous significance as it commemorated the 50th Birthday Edition of the illustrious Nigerian comedian, Julius Agwu.
Amid the esteemed attendees, the presence of Nigeria High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, His Excellency Ambassador Sarafa Tunji Isola OFR, who led the birthday toast stood as a testament to the event’s significance. 
Ambassador Isola, a distinguished representative of Nigeria on UK soil, graced the occasion with his wife. His participation was marked by a poignant moment as he joined Julius Agwu in ceremoniously cutting the 50th birthday cake and leading a solemn prayer, symbolizing not only Agwu’s journey but also the shared cultural ties the event aimed to reinforce. 

The Nigeria High Commission staff’s presence further underscored the evening’s significance and prestige.
Hailing from Port-Harcourt, Rivers State, Julius Agwu has etched an indelible mark across various spheres of the entertainment world. 
Renowned as a multifaceted figure encompassing stand-up comedy, consulting, motivational speaking, acting, singing, and master of ceremonies, Agwu's prowess extends far beyond the conventional realms.

"Crack Ya Ribs," a production that found its inception in Nigeria, spreading its joy to various cities, eventually crossed continents to grace London's stage in the early 2000s. Its journey from humble beginnings to a celebrated comedic spectacle underscores Agwu’s enduring impact over the past decade.
The vibrant atmosphere of the Notting Hill Carnival eve was palpable as enthusiasts and supporters gathered to fête Agwu's milestone of half a century. The iconic Lighthouse Theatre served as the perfect backdrop for an evening brimming with unbridled mirth and poignant moments.
The stage came alive with a stellar lineup of revered Nigerian comedians and music artists who effortlessly added to the euphoria. The likes of Prof. Helen Paul, MC OJB, Romeo WJ, Latin Gas, Kelvin Sapp, DJ Abass, Kunle Afolayan, among others, contributed their unique talents, captivating the audience throughout the night.

As the curtain fell on this extraordinary evening, the memories of laughter, unity, and celebration lingered, a testament to the enduring impact of the 50th Birthday Edition of "Crack Ya Ribs". 
The event not only celebrated Julius Agwu's remarkable journey but also reinforced his role in fostering cultural cohesion through the universal language of laughter.
Watch the event video here:


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